The Colonial Hills Civic Association has reported over 2300 code violations

in the Elfers area since October 2013. Our Association follows the Pasco County 

Thank you to all of the residents who have been cutting their grass and keeping up with home maintenance.

Our home values are increasing everyday. 

2015 average price per sf - $80  2018 average price per sf - $115/118 and rising.

Reminder - no street or sidewalk parking in Pasco County.

Please be considerate of those who use the sidewalks.

Need Home Repairs?

First and Second Quarter - 2018  Jan-June Report

Of the 175 cases reported this quarter, 89 were homeowners and 86 were renters.

Most common Pasco County Code Violations :

1. RV/Boat/Jetski/Trailer parked on lawn or in driveway.

2. Inoperable/unregistered vehicles. - usually backed in and under a tarp.

3. Commercial Vehicles - Tow truck, Box Truck, Semi Cab, etc.

4. Trash and Junk - especially garbage, furniture and mattresses.

5. No House Number on house and mailbox.

6.Tall Grass - especially in back yards.

Most common Pasco Sheriff Code Violations:

1. Parking on the sidewalk, street or median.

2. Basketball hoops in the sidewalk/street -

sometimes with debris holding it down, like a mattress.

Urban Blight is defined as an ugly neglected or run down condition of an Urban Area.

Help us to eliminate the run down conditions in our community -

support the 2018 Bight Elimination - Neighborhood Upkeep fund.

The cost is only $35.00 per house per year.

Less than $3.00 per month for a cleaner, safer, and more vibrant neighborhood.

Donation letters went out late this year. They usually are sent in late April early May.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

We provide the services - all or in part - listed below to Beacon Hill, Colonial Hills,

Colonial Manor, and Colonial Oaks, subdivisions of the Elfers District.

*Lawn care maintenance of the common grounds, including subdivision entrances.
*Maintaining a Code Enforced community.
*Daily interaction with Pasco County staff, Elected Officials and other community resources to improve infrastructure and community development. For example: parks, trails, overhead street lighting, etc.
*Community activities such as our annual Resident and County staff “Walk Around the Block” held in April and the “Celebrating Our Seniors” annual event held in January.

Please check our website for additional events and quarterly code enforcement updates.

Payment can be sent by mail or paid on our website via PayPal, debit or credit card at If paying by mail, please detach and return with your check.

Thank you for your continued support of neighborhood improvements.

(727) 569-7132